General terms and conditions

1. General

Guests of Bosbad Putten are familiar with our terms and conditions. These are published on

The house rules are published in the hall of the accommodation.
In the event of a difference of opinion on the interpretation of a house rule, the opinion of the manager on duty is always decisive.
Every guest is obliged to strictly and immediately follow instructions from staff.
Visitors from 14 years of age must identify themselves at the request of the staff.
Verbal and/or physical violence will not be tolerated.
Unwanted and/or offensive intimacies will not be tolerated.

With the help of video registration, the safety of visitors and employees is monitored.
Persons and/or groups who misbehave may be removed from the accommodation without the right to a refund of the paid entrance fee.
Persons who do not comply with the house rules or misbehave may be denied access. When committing an offense, the police will be called in at all times. This can lead to denial of access for a longer period of time.

It is not allowed to bring any objects that could be dangerous. It is also not allowed to bring, drugs or mind-altering substances.

Attendance or participation in activities within Bosbad Putten is at your own risk. Bosbad Putten is not liable for any injury, lost property or theft, except in cases of intentional or deliberate and gross negligence of employees.
To avoid unnecessary risks, visitors who are under strict medical supervision are required to report this in advance to the reception desk.
Underwater recording with image carriers is prohibited. As well as in the changing rooms and toilets.
Swimming is permitted only in swimwear.
Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the behavior of their children. Children who do not possess swimming certificate A may enter the accommodation only when accompanied by a person 18 years of age or older who has good swimming skills. They are obliged to wear swimming wings or a life jacket that meets the EN12402 standard with a minimum buoyancy of 50 Newton (NEN-EN-ISO 12402-5).

Upon registration, you agree that the information you provide will be stored in our records. Bosbad Putten adheres to the regulations for correct handling of personal data as laid down in the BRP (Basis Registratie Persoonsgegevens).

1.1 Locker room/hygiene.

You are not allowed to leave clothes hanging in the locker rooms. You must store your clothes in a locker cabinet.
Once you leave the locker room or the common locker room towards the swimming hall, you are required to take off your shoes or put on blue/orange overshoes. Blue and or orange overshoes are available free of charge at the reception desk.

Showering before entering the swimming water is mandatory.
Entering the swimming hall, showers and the wet feet area of the locker room with outdoor footwear is not permitted.
Garbage must be disposed of in the designated trash receptacles.
Pets are not allowed.
Bosbad Putten is a smoke-free accommodation. E-cigarettes are not allowed either.

In all cases not provided for in the house rules, the Bosbad management will decide.