Aquajogging is a running workout in deep water using a "wet-belt." This flotation belt creates a vertical position in the water. From that position, you can perform all kinds of running movements without touching the bottom of the pool! In addition to running movements, there are also specific exercises focused on your legs, arms and torso.

Why Aquajogging?

  • Improve your condition
  • Strengthening of your muscles
  • Body sculpting  and weight loss
  • Sociable sports with others

Free trial lesson!

Is Aquajogging something for you? Take a free trial class and discover how fun and relaxing this form of exercise is! Sign up at the reception desk: 0341 351288.


You can register for Aquajogging via the link below. It is possible that you cannot start immediately, sometimes there is a waiting list.

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Lessons are registered on a pass. This can be purchased once at the pool reception desk.

Subscriptions & tickets

Wanneer kan ik voor Aqua-Jogging terecht?

Bosbad Putten

Day Time Location
Wednesday, 22 May 2024 22/05/2024 19:00 – 19:45