Maternity swimming

Even if you're pregnant, stay healthy and in motion with pregnancy swimming in Bosbad Putten. Experience for yourself that swimming is a beneficial experience for expectant mothers. What makes swimming so attractive when you're expecting?

Nice and light in the water

The buoyancy of the water makes you feel nice and light and allows you to participate in all kinds of exercises. Moreover, swimming stimulates many bodily functions that are important for you and your child. Also nice: the water has a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius.

Healthy and pleasant

Swimming is not only healthy, but also pleasant. The lessons take place in a pleasant environment. Together with a certified swimming instructor you work one part of stamina with all kinds of exercises. The other part focuses on exercises that strengthen and relax your muscles.

Together with others

Sports and exercise with other expectant mothers, that's also very fun!

Sign up at the Bosbad Putten reception desk: 0341351288.

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