Because of the resistance of the water, you'll train much more than your leg muscles during Aquaspinning classes. Thighs, back, stomach, buttocks, torso and arm muscles ... this is a Total Body~Work~Out! In small groups of up to 14 fanatics, you'll work on your endurance to music. It is also suitable for people over 55. Of course there is expert guidance.

Why Aquaspinning?

Aquaspinning is very suitable for:

  • Improving your condition
  • Burning fat
  • Strengthening your muscles

Validity of lessons:

  •   8 lessons - valid for 10 weeks
  • 16 lessons - valid for 20 weeks

Free trial lesson!

Is Aquaspinning something for you? Take a free trial class and find out how versatile this workout is! Sign up at the front desk: 0341351288.


You can sign up for Aquaspinning via the link below. It is possible that you cannot start immediately, sometimes there is a waiting list.

Click here to register.

Lessons are registered on a pass. This can be purchased once at the pool reception desk.

Subscriptions & tickets

Wanneer kan ik voor aquaspinning terecht?

Bosbad Putten

Day Time Location
Wednesday, 22 May 2024 22/05/2024 20:30 – 21:15